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Aside from being the central source of curriculum materials for both learners and teachers, the library offers other services such as:

1.      Instruction and Orientation Program. This program which primarily focusing on the proper use of the library and its resources is conducted to all Grade I pupils, First year High School and College freshmen students every beginning of the school year and other students or class upon request by faculty or group. It is also conducted to individuals as well as in group through formal and informal instructions. Library lessons are likewise included in specific English 11 classes to stimulate the student to an independent library work and research.

2. Information Center of the Community and Near-by Schools. SCC library also welcome Friends of the Library and researchers like SCC alumni, teachers and students from public and private institutions and from various offices in the community.

3.      Educational Media Resources Center. The EMRC viewing room is also open for rental to outsiders. 

4.      Other services include bibliography reports of new acquisitions, cataloging, ring-binding and printing.