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Sandra Lyn Quinones in the USA for her UB Fellow Program

The UB Fellow Program of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (UBCHEA) offers opportunity for mid-level faculty and administrators selected for leadership positions by their home institutions to work with mentors in the United States and Asia over a two-year period. Fellows spend one semester or four-months in residence at a host university in Asia, and one semester at a host institution in the United States. Fellows are selected for their academic and teaching excellence as well as their leadership potential.

      Sandra Lyn Q. Quinones, the Director of Libraries and Chairperson of the Department Library and Information Science in Southern Christian College was selected as United Board Fellow 2010-2012 by UBCHEA in partnership with the Lutheran University Association, Inc. USA. Her first placement is in Valparaiso University, Indiana, USA from January 3-May 7, 2011.

As a United Board Fellow she collaborates with the Valparaiso University professors in her field of study, visit classes, visit to other universities, attend seminars, special lectures and other cultural events, do research and take part in any activities that would enrich her stay at the university and in the U.S.

Ms. Quinones is now doing good in Valpo, although she struggles with snow and the very cold weather this winter season. Dr. Hugh McGuigan and Mr. “Holly” Moninder Singh are her coordinators. Her mentor is Prof. Rick AmRhein, formerly Dean of Library Services, Chief Information Officer and Chief of Staff in Valparaiso University. Her mentor makes sure that her leadership training starts right and ends right.  For now, Ms. Quinones is seating-in four (4) interesting courses such as Global Leadership and Team Development, Communication and Counseling Skills, Leadership Communication and Documentary Production. She and her mentor met once a week