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Library and Information Service Units

*        Bravo-Manjares Learning Center - 2nd Floor

       The Educational Media Resources Center (EMRC) houses audio-visual resources like audio-cassettes, Video Compact Discs: (VCD), DVD;  video-cassettes: (VHS); microfiche, slides, transparencies, speak and listen, etc. Hardware and other equipment such as TV, Stereo Component, Overhead & Slide Projectors, LCD projector, laptop and video-camera. This is a centralized center catering all library patrons from preschool, elementary, high school, college and graduate students, faculty and staff.

     The General Reference Library is a collection of encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries, yearbooks, atlases, maps, charts, posters and pictures, indexes and bibliographies. Materials in this area are intended to be read inside the library only.
   The edutainment and knowledge computer stations located in the general reference library are for the use of electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries and other ebooks (CDROMs). Students could request for the use of CDROM that are available in the Digital Library. Personal CDs should not be used in the Library.

          The Graduate School Library is intended for the use of the Masteral, Doctoral students and Faculty of SCC. This section also includes collections of theses, dissertations and CDROMs of the Digital Library.

        The Periodical Library houses all the bound and loose issues of journals, magazines & newspapers. These materials are intended to be read inside the library only, but special consideration is determined by the Librarian to allow faculty or student to borrow for outside use. Bound journals and magazines are classified and cataloged are arranged according to their call numbers. Periodical index is available. This section also includes the Vertical Files of Newspaper Clippings, Pamphlets, Brochures, etc. An internet-connected computer intended to access the Infotrac Online Database is also available at the Periodical Library.

      The Philippine Studies collections are placed at the second floor adjacent to the General Reference Library.

*        Herman Krusi Library - 3rd Floor

       The Asiana Section consists of book written by Asian and Foreign authors about Asia and the people. It also includes publications about the Pacific Region, (OCEANIA). The books in this section may be borrowed for (3) three days only.

      The Filipiniana Library consists of books written by Filipino and foreign authors about the Philippines and/or the Filipino people. These may be books published abroad but reprinted in the Philippines. Copies of textbooks are also available here.

The Cyber Library is an environment of internet-connected computer workstations where students can research and access online information for self-study.

      The Fiction Section consists of books intended for leisure reading. Fiction books are arranged according to the author’s surnames in alphabetical order. Books in this area may be borrowed for (1) one week.

        The Stack Section houses all the subject areas of studies offered by the College. A bulk of foreign library holdings is found in this section. Books in this area may be borrowed for (1) one week.

   The Reserve and Circulation Section consists of books selected by the teachers for student their students in specific courses. Books are arranged according to subject or under their course title in alphabetical order.    
       This could be borrowed and checked out “over-noon”, “over-night”, and “over-weekend”. The photocopying machine operates in this section.

      The Special Collection consists of speeches, government documents, books of special value, etc. These books are for inside use only. Only the Faculty and Staff can borrow special collection for home use.

* College of Theology Library

        The Theology Library is house at the College of Theology building. It is open on Monday through Friday from 7:00 - 12:00 A.M., 1:00-5:00 P.M.

*  High School Library

         The High School Library is at the High School U-shaped building. with 100 seating capacity. The  Library is open on Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (no noon-break). 

* Preschool and Elementary School 

        The Preschool and Elem School Library is housed at the ground floor of the 2-storey intermediate building, with a seating capacity of 63. The library is open on Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (no noon-break).