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Library General Rules and Regulations

1.      Observe silence.  Idle or loud conversation, laughter and other unnecessary noise disturb other clientele and must therefore be avoided.
2.     Mobile phones shall be switched to silent mode while inside the library, however, phone calls shall be answered outside the library.
3.     Eating and smoking, sleeping and doing industrial work are not allowed inside the library. 
4.     Keep the library clean. Do not throw or leave waste papers or scraps on the tables and floors. Trash boxes are provided for the purpose.
5.     Keep the things in order.   Push your chair back against the table when you leave the library so it would not obstruct the movement of others. Chairs should not be dragged from one place to another.
6.     Books in the reading areas should not be returned to the shelves but leave the books on the tables to avoid their being misplaced.  Individual volumes belonging to a set such as encyclopedias should be returned to their proper places or shelves.
7.      Handle books and other materials with care as they intend to serve great many users after you.
8.     A properly validated school ID must be presented at the Loan Counter whenever library materials are called for. Such Card is non-transferable. The owner of the card is liable for any transaction made in the library by another person.
9.     When returning library materials to the counter, be sure to get back your school ID card. The library will assume no responsibility for exchange or for loss of such card after you have left the counter.
10.   Do not leave your things unattended. The Library is not liable for the loss of any valuable personal things like laptop, wallet with money, calculator, cell phone, diskettes, optical disks and others that are left unattended inside the library.
11.    Facebook and Youtube are allowed only from 12:00 - 1:00 Noon and 5:00 - 7:00 PM, inclusive of SCC's wifi or personal connection.
12.   Watching movies or videos for leisure are not allowed inside the libraries.

13.   Complains and problems concerning library services should be brought immediately to the attention of the librarians and staff or Director of Libraries. 

Discussion Room

           The Discussion Room can be used by small group of students who will discuss something about their assignments, research or any group works. Reservations can be made at the Graduate School Library Counter/desk.