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Organization of the Library Collection

The Library materials are organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC). Library Materials can be searched using the Card Catalog and the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). These finding aids contain records and other information of books, audio-visual materials and electronic resources that are available in the Bravo-Manjares Learning Center and Herman Krusi Library. Library users can have easy and quick access to library holdings through on-line search method such as author, subject, title, call number and series. Location symbols are indicated for quick retrieval of information sources that can be found in the library. These are shown below:

A.  Dewey Decimal Classification System   (DDC)
000                     - Generalities
100                      - Philosophy and Psychology
200                      - Religion
300                      - Social Sciences
400                      - Language
500                      - Natural Sciences and Mathematics
600                      - Technology  (Applied Sciences)
700                      - The Arts
800                      - Literature and Rhetoric
900                      - Geography, Biography, History & Travel
B. Locations and Symbols
As                    - Asiana
BP                    - Bound Periodicals
C                      - Charts
CD                   - Digital Library & CDROM
CM                  - Cartographic Materials
CTL                 - College of Theology Library
EMRC             - Educational Media Resources Center
F or Fic           - Fiction
Fem Coll         - Feminist Collection   
Fil                     - Filipiniana      
GR/Ref           - General Reference / Reference
GSL                 - Graduate School Library
IS                     - Islamic Studies
Per                   - Periodical Library
PF                    - Pamphlet File
Phil Stud        - Philippine Studies
S                       - Stack
SC                    - Supplementary Copies                                  
SpC                 - Special Collection                             
               VF/PF          - Vertical File/Pamphlet Files