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Borrowing Books/Library Materials (Loan)

             A properly validated School ID must be presented at the Loan/Reserved/Circulation Counters whenever library materials are borrowed.  Owner of School ID is liable for any transaction made in the library. So do not allow other student to use your School ID.

The College of Theology Library, High School Library and Elementary School Library require Borrower’s Card in loaning books.

1.      Stack and Fiction Books 
1.1             May be borrowed for one (1) week, renewable for another week, unless requested by another user.
1.2            A borrower is limited to borrow three (3) volumes at a time; and is limited to not more than five (5) renewals.

2.     Reserve Books
2.1            May be borrowed for an hour or more for use within the library only.
2.2           May be charged out for home use for “overnoon”, “overnight” and “overweekend” basis.

Note : Releasing/Loaning out schedule:
         Releasing/Charging Time:                    Due Time:
For Over-noon            11:30 AM.                                     2:30 PM
For Overnight               4:30 PM.                                     8:00 AM. (Next day)
For Over-weekend      9:00 PM. (Saturday)                 8:00 AM. (Monday)

2.3           Books borrowed “overnight” must be returned on or before 8:00 A.M. of the following day. Books borrowed “over-noon” must be returned on or before 2:30 P.M. of the same day. “Over-weekend” books must be returned Monday on or before 8:00 A.M.

3.     The following materials are to be used/read only inside the library/EMRC:
3.1            Filipiniana Books particularly those identified as Philippine Studies books
3.2           Special Collection
3.3           Educational Media Resources (VHS, Cassette Tapes, Optical Disks)
3.4           Vertical File Clippings / Pamphlet Files
3.5           General Reference Materials
3.6           Newspapers and Magazines (loose issues or bound)
(A special consideration is given to Faculty/Staff who wants to borrow from the above-mentioned sections/areas)
3.7            Thesis and Dissertations (Photocopying or reproduction of any page is prohibited)

Fines and Penalties

A.  Overdue Books

1.   Stack, Fiction, Asiana Books - P 1.00 a day, excluding Sundays and holidays with maximum charge of P30.00 a month/book.

2.  Reserved Books  - P 1.00 for the first hour or a fraction of the first hour, .50 cents/hr                                                                               for the next succeeding hours: P5.00 for each full day with the maximum charge of P30.00 a week/book.

B.  Lost Books
When a book is lost, the borrower should report immediately to the librarian/staff on duty. A borrower who loses a book is obliged to replace the book with the same kind, title, author and copyright date. In case the lost book is out of print or is no longer available in the market, a payment of the full current cost is required plus /P50.00 will be charged for the processing fee of the said lost material. The Guidelines for Changing Lost Books may be referred to books without records of price.

C.  Damaging, Mutilating, or Vandalizing of Library Materials
Anyone found guilty of damaging, mutilating, or vandalizing of library materials shall be subjected to disciplinary action as sanctioned by the Department of Education and Culture (DECS-DepEd) depending on the gravity of the offense.  In addition, he/she will be made to pay a fine of P100.00 plus the cost of acquiring a replacement of the stolen/damaged material. He may be suspended from attending classes and from using the library and from borrowing materials.