Guidelines for Wireless (Wifi) Internet Connection

Policies/Guidelines for Wireless Internet Connection

Wifi access is available to students with personal laptops only at wifi zones like the library, high school kiosks, tree houses and alumni garden. Access to the internet and information technology resources are to be used appropriately and in a manner consistent with the instructional, research, community service and administrative goals and objectives of the College.

Users of Wi-Fi are expected to have read, understood and strictly follow the prescribed Wi-Fi policies and guidelines, and observe standards of decency at all times. The Student’s internet account with the Cyber Library is convertible to wifi service/ access every semester, in condition that:

1. Only the bonafide students of SCC could avail the Wifi Internet Access.
2. Interested student must own a laptop and may apply for free wifi access by filing the application form at the Director’s Office or the Cyber Library/Network Office.
3. The subscriber’s laptop must be registered in the Library server by the Cyber Library/Network In charge.
4. The student with personal wifi access is restricted to use any of the workstations/computers in the Cyber Library.
5. The wifi account is non-transferable. Only the subscriber can use the account in his/her own laptop.
6. Wifi is accessible only from the routers of the library and the registrar’s office, thus registered student can station at any wifi zones such as the library, high school kiosk, tree house or alumni garden.
7. Use headphones when assigned-course hypermedia links are searched and opened inside the library.
8. Watching movies or videos for leisure are not allowed inside the libraries.
9. Playing computer and online games are prohibited inside the libraries.
10. Facebook and Youtube sites are allowed only from 12:00-1:00 and 5:00-7:00 P.M.
11. SCC adheres to strict prohibition of entering or transmitting of obscene/pornographic sites/ materials and questionable sites in the offices, computer laboratories, libraries and wifi areas.
12. Appropriate sanction such as outright disconnection to the internet will be imposed to those who violate all the guidelines.

Note:  For faculty and Staff
    Faculty/Staff wifi subscribers shall pay subscription fee of P50.00 monthly. Payment could be in cash or salary deduction every end of the month. 


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