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SCC Subscribes to Online Library Resource – Infotrac 50

          The CE-Logic conducted a product presentation on the in SCC-EMRC last December 20, 2010. Now, the Library System is subscribing to this Online Library Resource INFOTRAC 50 starting this January 2011. Dr. Progreso E. Umacob, Acting President had already signed the service contract with CE-LOGIC.

            Faculty, staff and students are encourage to use and access CE-Logic set-up for SCC on the said Database:
 ·    Access this URL:
·      Password:         discovery
·      Expiry date: May 2013

            The actual hands-on of the electronic journals is conducted so that the library clients are able to learn how to research on these online journals and how these new library resource works. It is one of the ways on how the library could support the research advocacy of this college.

            SCC students are enjoined to use this site to access online journal for research works.